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How To Change Themes and Adjust Settings in Ghost
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Ghost is a great new blogging platform that focuses on content creation and presentation over the superfluous bells and whistles that dominate other platforms. It provides a clean, easy-to-use interface and can produce very polished results. How To... Read More
How To Manage Content Using the Ghost Blogging Platform
Viewed 1847 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
How to Navigate the Content InterfaceGhost's content creation interface is incredibly simple. We can access our content by going to: your_domain_name/ghost You may have to sign in with the credentials you used to create the site. After that, you... Read More
How To Configure and Maintain Ghost from the Command Line
Viewed 1456 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
How To Control the Ghost ServiceThe Ghost application is implemented on a daemon on our server instance. This means that we can start, stop and restart it easily using Ubuntu's service command. We can control the Ghost service like any other... Read More