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How To Set Up mod_security with Apache on Debian/Ubuntu
Viewed 2569 times since Thu, Dec 26, 2013
PreludeMod security is a free Web Application Firewall (WAF) that works with Apache, Nginx and IIS. It supports a flexible rule engine to perform simple and complex operations and comes with a Core Rule Set (CRS) which has rules for SQL injection,... Read More
How To Install Opigno on Debian 7 with Git and Drush
Viewed 2434 times since Sat, Jan 4, 2014
Introduction Opigno is a new, fast growing e-learning platform based on the battle-hardened Drupal framework. Setting up Opigno via sFTP is pretty easy, but as you now have your own server, we should set it up using GIT and Drush. Set up your server... Read More
Top 10 Linux Easter Eggs
Viewed 2242 times since Sat, Jan 4, 2014
Not a Definitive List... Linux has a history of including some fun "easter eggs" in its software. In this article, we'll tell you about some fun commands and options to lighten up your day. Not all of them are "easter eggs", but we think you&... Read More
How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) Stack on Debian 7
Viewed 2239 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
Lemp Stack: Basic InfoLEMP stack is a group of open source software to get a server up and running. The acronym includes the Linux (L), MySQL (M), and PHP (P) of the more traditional LAMP stack, but switches out Apache for Nginx (pronounced engine... Read More
How To Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts on Debian 7
Viewed 1889 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
Virtual HostsVirtual Hosts are used to run more than one domain off of a single IP address. This is especially useful to people who need to run several sites off of one virtual private server-- each will display different information to the ... Read More
How To Install Git on Debian 7
Viewed 1858 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
About GitGit is a version control system distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v.2 since its release in 2005. It allows for non-linear development of projects and can handle large amounts of data effectively. This is the... Read More
How To Protect SSH with fail2ban on Debian 7
Viewed 1829 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
IntroductionHaving a server or computer connected to a network comes with a certain amount of risk. Any machine, including a server, connected to the internet is a potential target for malicious attacks. While having a well-configured firewall... Read More
How To Use Traceroute and MTR to Diagnose Network Issues
Viewed 1764 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
IntroductionAn important part of administering servers is monitoring network connectivity. There are a few tools that are simple to use, but valuable to know. In this guide, we will discuss how to use a tool called traceroute to diagnose where a... Read More
How to Get Started With mod_pagespeed with Apache on an Ubuntu and Debian Cloud Server
Viewed 1653 times since Thu, Dec 26, 2013
IntroductionOne of the more recently popular modules for Apache is mod_pagespeed. It is an output filter for Apache 2.2+ that can be configured through a variety of options through configuration files or a .htaccess file. An "output filter” is a... Read More
How to Setup Additional Entropy for Cloud Servers Using Haveged
Viewed 1651 times since Sat, Jan 4, 2014
Brief Introduction to Entropy and Randomness The Linux pseudo random number generator (PRNG) is a special device that generates randomness from hardware interrupts (keyboard, mouse, disk/network I/O) and other operating system sources. This... Read More
How To Manage Packages In Ubuntu and Debian With Apt-Get & Apt-Cache
Viewed 1620 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
What is Apt-Get?Apt is a command line frontend for the dpkg packaging system and is the preferred way of managing software from the command line for many distributions. It is the main package management system in Debian and Debian-based Linux... Read More
How To Create a SSL Certificate on Apache for Debian 7
Viewed 1583 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
Background InformationA SSL certificate is a way to encrypt a site's information and create a more secure connection. While Certificate authorities can issue SSL certificates that verify the server's details, a self-signed certificate ... Read More
How to Setup and Configure an OpenVPN Server on Debian 6
Viewed 1557 times since Thu, Dec 26, 2013
Getting StartedYou will need to open an SSH connection on your cloud server as the root user or an SSH connection to a user with sudo access. This guide assumes a user with sudo access. However you can set things up using root just by stripping... Read More
Installing and Using the Vim Text Editor on a Cloud Server
Viewed 1492 times since Fri, Dec 27, 2013
IntroductionOne of the most powerful text editors accessible from the command line is the vim editor. Built on the foundation of "vi", an editor dating back to 1976, vim adds additional functionality and power, while maintaining the editing style... Read More