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How To Deploy Node.js Applications Using Systemd and Nginx
Viewed 4653 times since Sat, Jan 4, 2014
This tutorial uses a simple Node.js application, but is applicable to most, if not all, others as well (be they Ruby, Python, etc). For PHP web applications, it is recommended to use a more specialized LAMP or LEMP stack instead.... Read More
How To Install And Run A Node.js App On Centos 6.4 64bit
Viewed 4611 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
Node.js installationNow that we're ready to install Node.js from sources. First, we'll move to /usr/src directory - the usual place to hold software sources. cd /usr/srcNow, we pick the latest compressed source archive from Node.js website... Read More
How To Write a Linux Daemon with Node.js
Viewed 2852 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
IntroductionA daemon is a program that runs in background and has no controlling terminal. They are often used to provide background services. For example, a web-server or a database server can run as a daemon. This tutorial will show you how to... Read More
How To Connect Node.js to a MongoDB Database
Viewed 2534 times since Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Introduction In this tutorial, we will show how to use Node.js to connect to a MongoDB database in a server and do some basic data manipulations. Here are the following software components that will be used: Ubuntu 12.04 x32 MongoDB v2.4.6 Node... Read More
How To Install Node.js with NVM (Node Version Manager) on Server
Viewed 2429 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
IntroductionIf you already know what Node.js is what it's for and why it's cool, then skip straight to the installation directions. If you want to know a bit more about node and it's ecosystem read on. For those who haven't... Read More
Geddy.JS: A No-Brainer MVC Node.js Framework
Viewed 1853 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
IntroductionGeddy is a full stack open source MVC framework based on ruby on rails methodology with built-in authentication module, passportjs and integration. Creating realtime secure applications in Geddy takes only a few commands; it... Read More
How To Install an Upstream Version of Node.js on Ubuntu 12.04
Viewed 1700 times since Sun, Dec 29, 2013
About Node.jsNode.js. is a system that uses event-driven (as opposed to thread-based) programming to build scalable applications and network programs. It is especially helpful for building web servers. Written in Javascript, node.js was created... Read More