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How long does it take to get my domain name working on your server?
Viewed 7624 times since Fri, Apr 27, 2012
New Domain Registration For new domain registration, please go to to register a new domain name. If you have not registered on this portal before, you must always create a new account to start. If you have... Read More
How can I find out my current Domain Registrar?
Viewed 5819 times since Mon, Apr 30, 2012
You can perform a WhoIs search on your domain. There are many places on the web you can use to perform a whois search. The following is the list: - ( - Network Solutions ( - Network Tools (www... Read More
You mentioned that the domain transfer is free, but I was asked to pay
Viewed 4136 times since Mon, Apr 30, 2012
We do not charge anything on domain transfer. What happens here is that when you transfer your domain name from your current domain registrar to us, your domain name will be automatically renewed for a year (regardless of whether your domain has... Read More
I cannot login to my Domain Registration Portal. What should I do?
Viewed 3144 times since Mon, May 7, 2012
if you forgot your Domain Registration Portal credential, you can simply raise a ticket via our Help Desk System. Please kindly provide information, such as yourdomain name,full nameandemail address for verification purposes. If you are unable... Read More
Will my domain work for "www" and "non-www"?
Viewed 2867 times since Fri, Apr 27, 2012
Yes, you can access your site either by using OR  Thank you for viewing this Knowledge Base System. If the article that you are looking for is not available on this Knowledge Base, please... Read More
I am looking for an IPS Tag to transfer my domain
Viewed 2770 times since Mon, Apr 30, 2012
In order for you to transfer a domain, you need an IPS tag. Our IPS Tag is PDR-IN Read More