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Do you support ASP.NET 5?

Up until this article is written, the ASP.NET 5 is not fully released by Microsoft yet. However, we have supported ASP.NET 5 RC version on just some of our servers. Customers who wish to use this .NET framework is required to make a backup of everything on the current system and a migration is needed to be done to a new server that supports ASP.NET 5. A one-time $15.00 migration fee applies here.

Since ASP.NET 5 is not fully released by Microsoft yet, we highly recommend our customers not to use this .NET framework yet. Yes, it has run on our server, but it may have some stability issues (that we have not identified it yet)

To deploy ASP.NET 5 project to our server, customers must use the VS 2015 tool and please refer to http://faq.asphosthelpdesk.com/article.php?id=299 for more information. Please be advised that additional steps are required and customers have to contact our Support Team for additional intervention by our Support Team

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