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How can I set my own default page on my Control Panel?

If you have your own default page (such as home.aspx, root.aspx, or whatever.aspx), you must always make sure you set it on your Control Panel. Otherwise, our Control Panel will always treat index.html as the default document of your site and you will only see the index.html page when accessing your site via http://www.yourDomain.com

To set your own default page, please follow the steps below:

1. Please login to your Control Panel -> Domain -> click your domain. You will see the following screenshot

2. Please click on the Virtual Directory section and you will see the following screenshot:

3. Please click on the Directory Properties section and you will see the following screenshot

4. On the Documents section, please make sure you add your own default document on this section. Your own default document MUST appear on top of the other existing default document set by this Control Panel

That is all you need to do.

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