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  1. How to Deploy and host .Net Core 2 and Angular 6 app Normally, you will have two separate projects, i.e. one for .NET Core Web API 2.0 and the other one is Angular 6. On our Windows environment, you will find a root folder called httpdocs.  Problem:  If you simply deploy the&nb... Read More
  2. My application pool stops working. What is wrong with my site? Sometimes, you will notice that your website's application pool is halted automatically by the IIS. If this happens, there are few causes: 1. Something is not right with your website's coding. For the details of the error message, you can ... Read More
  3. How to Setup Full Permission in Plesk 11 and above? Steps by steps to grant full permission in Plesk 11 and Plesk 12: 1. Login to your CP 2. Go to Websites & Domains 3. Find Virtual Directories option 4. Click Directories Access Permission 5. Please kindly grant full permission on... Read More
  4. How to Setup Full Permission in Plesk 9.5? Steps by steps to grant full permission in Plesk 9.5: 1. Login to your Control Panel 2. Click on your domain name 3. Find File Manager option on your Control Panel 4. Go inside your httpdocs folder 5. Go to the folder that you want... Read More
  5. How To Set Up mod_security with Apache on Debian/Ubuntu PreludeMod security is a free Web Application Firewall (WAF) that works with Apache, Nginx and IIS. It supports a flexible rule engine to perform simple and complex operations and comes with a Core Rule Set (CRS) which has rules for SQL injection,... Read More
  6. How to solve ReportViewer error message: "An error has occurred during report processing. Input string was not in a correct format" When running ReportViewer on Windows Server 2008, you may face this error message: "An error has occurred during report processing. Input string was not in a correct format". Oddly, the same ReportViewer is working fine on your local PC. So, what wou... Read More
  7. Common reasons why your application pool may unexpectedly recycle If your application crashes, hangs and deadlocks it will cause/require the application pool to recycle in order to be resolved, but sometimes your application pool inexplicably recycles for no obvious reason. This is usually a configuration issue ord... Read More
  8. My "www" Sharepoint works, but my Sharepoint domain "without a www" does not work. What am I doing wrong here? This is a simply problem with your IIS host header (Alternate Access Mappings) file only. Please create a ticket via our Help Desk System and we will resolve the issue ASAP for you. ... Read More
  9. How can I deploy my website with WebDeploy tool? In order to deploy your website via webDeploy tool, there are several requirements that you need to meet: 1. You need to make sure that the webDeploy tool is installed on your local computer. Please refer to Read More
  10. How can I publish my website to your server? You can publish your website to our server in few different ways. 1. Via FTP Download FTP Client such as WSFTP, Cute FTP, FileZilla and SmartFTP. We recommend you to use SmartFTP and you can download it from Fill in all the in... Read More