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  1. About Azure Key Vault You probably have a website that is pulling a password that is stored in AZURE Key Vault. The code is working fine on your local PC but it would not work after you deploy the application to our server. To resolve this issue, please check the di... Read More
  2. How to Solve the error: "405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed"? This applies to anyone who uses REST service using ASP.NET Web API. When you try to send HttpDelete and HttpPut Request, you can occassionally see this error message: 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed To resolve this issu... Read More
  3. How to Deploy and host .Net Core 2 and Angular 6 app Normally, you will have two separate projects, i.e. one for .NET Core Web API 2.0 and the other one is Angular 6. On our Windows environment, you will find a root folder called httpdocs.  Problem:  If you simply deploy the&nb... Read More
  4. I am unable to renew my Let’s Encrypt SSL Once your Let's Encrypt SSL has expired, you will then try to renew it via our Control Panel. However, occasionally, the server can return an error, making you unable to renew the SSL The solution to this is to put a web.config file in .we... Read More
  5. How to solve the Let’s Encrypt SSL on ASP.NET Core Problem: Let's Encrypt SSL fails to work even it has been activated on the Control Panel Solution:  This solution applies to ASP.NET Core application with MVC The problem is that Let's Encrypt SSL targets a folder .well-know inside th... Read More
  6. HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure error message when publishing an ASP.NET Core Website On some occassions, when you try to deploy an ASP.NET Core website to our server, you can see the following error message: HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure Common causes of this issue: The application process failed to start The applicati... Read More
  7. What are the cloud hosting and cloud server that you offer? A cloud hosting is a cloud-based service that we offer on a shared cloud server, while a cloud server is a dedicated service that is meant for one particular customer only. With our shared cloud server, a customer cannot access the cloud server direc... Read More
  8. How about the performance and reliability on a cloud server? With a cloud server, each of the customer's websites is placed on a separate, exclusive dedicated application pool. When one site in one pool is down, the sites in other pool is not down. Additionally, by giving a separate pool to a separate web... Read More
  9. What is scalability in cloud hosting and how can I scale? With a cloud server, a customer can easily scale up the resources on his cloud server WITHOUT costing any downtime.... Read More
  10. What are the differences between a cloud hosting and a shared hosting? A shared hosting sits on a conventional physical server, while cloud hosting sits on a cloud infrastructure. Higher performance, reliability and scalability are some of the benefits of the cloud hosting over a conventional shared hosting. With a con... Read More
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