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  1. How To Configure Single and Multiple WordPress Site Settings with Nginx WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) used on the internet today. WordPress sites can be served using a HTTP server such as Apache or NGINX, while Apache is a great option to serve websites, many sites have moved to NGINX beca... Read More
  2. How To Implement Replication Sets in MongoDB on an Ubuntu Introduction MongoDB is an extremely popular NoSQL database. It is often used to store and manage application data and website information. MongoDB boasts a dynamic schema design, easy scalability, and a data format that is easily accessible programm... Read More
  3. I have just registered with you and I cannot see any "Sharepoint installation" option on my Control Panel. As Sharepoint requires complex configuration and installation, you need to contact our Support Team via your Help Desk System and we can organize the installation for you. Please do not forget to advise us about the Sharepoint installation location (... Read More
  4. Can I change my Sharepoint portal from root to other location, such as subdomain? Due to the complexity of Sharepoint configuration, the "migration” of Sharepoint installation path from one location to the other location is strongly not recommended as it will cause instability to your portal. We are unable to migrate the Sharepo... Read More
  5. I have registered for a SharePoint hosting plan, but I still cannot see my SharePoint site You need to advise us as clearly as possible about the Sharepoint installation location. We can install Sharepoint either on the root or subdomain. If you do not advise anything, we assume that you are happy with the installation on the root and in c... Read More
  6. How can I have my Sharepoint setup of your server? In order to have Sharepoint setup on our server, there are some pre-requisites that you need to know: 1. You always need to make sure you register for one of our SharePoint 2010 Hosting Plans. We cannot install SharePoint for you if you selected a... Read More
  7. How do I redirect a subdomain to a subdirectory? When the requests are redirected using an ASP file, the URL in browser for redirected domains will show the correct domain name and the directory name where the request is being redirected. You can also redirect the requests to a specific file. Fo... Read More