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  1. How to Deploy and host .Net Core 2 and Angular 6 app Normally, you will have two separate projects, i.e. one for .NET Core Web API 2.0 and the other one is Angular 6. On our Windows environment, you will find a root folder called httpdocs.  Problem:  If you simply deploy the&nb... Read More
  2. Issue with Storing Session Sometimes, the session on your website can expire earlier than you expect. The followings are the steps you need to check: 1. In .Net, you cannot use authentication without session. The session ID can be transmitted with client either in a cookie,... Read More
  3. How To Use WP-CLI to Manage your WordPress Site from the Command Line WordPress is an extremely popular blogging and Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of websites. It can be used to easily organize, manage, and create content on the web and handle interactions with visitors and contributors. Although mos... Read More
  4. How To Use Top, Netstat, Du, & Other Tools to Monitor Server Resources How Do I Monitor Process Utilization? top One of the most common tools for checking the resource utilization of processes is "top". Top provides a simple, real-time table of your processes, with the largest consumers on top: top top - 14:45:52 up 2... Read More
  5. Top 10 Linux Easter Eggs Not a Definitive List... Linux has a history of including some fun "easter eggs" in its software. In this article, we'll tell you about some fun commands and options to lighten up your day. Not all of them are "easter eggs", but we think you�... Read More
  6. How To Work with the ZeroMQ Messaging Library ZeroMQ ZeroMQ is a library used to implement messaging and communication systems between applications and processes - fast and asynchronously. If you have past experience with other application messaging solutions such as RabbitMQ, it might come a l... Read More
  7. How To Set Up Python 2.7.6 and 3.3.3 on CentOS 6.4 More often than not, as a developer you will be responsible for managing the server(s) your application runs on to a certain degree. When it comes to choosing the operating system, especially for production, going with a sound choice such as CentOS c... Read More
  8. Common Python Tools: Using virtualenv, Installing with Pip, and Managing When it comes to working with Python, especially in the domain of application development, there are certain tools that you will see being mentioned often in various places or open source code. Despite being extremely commonly used, unfortunately som... Read More
  9. How to Deploy Python WSGI Applications Using uWSGI Web Server with Nginx Understanding uWSGI and Using Nginx uWSGI is an ambitious project. Its toolset allows you to do so much more than simply hosting web applications. Since it does the job so well, and in such a performant way, over the years it has proven to be an ind... Read More
  10. How To Use the Pyramid Framework To Build Your Python Web App on Ubuntu Web frameworks provide a quick and easy way to jump start a web application. Almost every web framework adheres to the MVC software pattern. MVC stands for model, view, and controller. It is a way of distinguishing and separating the different functi... Read More
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