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  1. I am unable to renew my Let’s Encrypt SSL Once your Let's Encrypt SSL has expired, you will then try to renew it via our Control Panel. However, occasionally, the server can return an error, making you unable to renew the SSL The solution to this is to put a web.config file in .we... Read More
  2. How to solve the Let’s Encrypt SSL on ASP.NET Core Problem: Let's Encrypt SSL fails to work even it has been activated on the Control Panel Solution:  This solution applies to ASP.NET Core application with MVC The problem is that Let's Encrypt SSL targets a folder .well-know inside th... Read More
  3. How to Setup Additional Entropy for Cloud Servers Using Haveged Brief Introduction to Entropy and Randomness The Linux pseudo random number generator (PRNG) is a special device that generates randomness from hardware interrupts (keyboard, mouse, disk/network I/O) and other operating system sources. This randomnes... Read More
  4. How To Get Started With mod_pagespeed with Apache on a CentOS and Fedora Cloud Server One of the more recently popular modules for Apache is mod_pagespeed. It is an output filter for Apache 2.2+ that can be configured through a variety of options through configuration files or a .htaccess file. An "output filter” is a something that... Read More
  5. How To Use the Web2py Framework to Quickly Build Your Python App The Python programming language is a versatile, high-level language that can be used easily for web programming, among other tasks. Building web applications can be difficult and toilsome on your own. Web frameworks preform much of the heavy lifting ... Read More
  6. How To Set Up Python 2.7.6 and 3.3.3 on CentOS 6.4 More often than not, as a developer you will be responsible for managing the server(s) your application runs on to a certain degree. When it comes to choosing the operating system, especially for production, going with a sound choice such as CentOS c... Read More
  7. Common Python Tools: Using virtualenv, Installing with Pip, and Managing When it comes to working with Python, especially in the domain of application development, there are certain tools that you will see being mentioned often in various places or open source code. Despite being extremely commonly used, unfortunately som... Read More
  8. A Comparison of Web Servers for Python Based Web Applications In this article, we will talk about three main things: Python, Web Servers, and most importantly the bits and bobs in-between the two. Jokes aside, this rather long article might seem dire for some looking for quick guidance or answers. Unfortunately... Read More
  9. Docker Explained: How To Containerize Python Web Applications Docker in Brief The docker project offers higher-level tools, working together, which are built on top of some Linux kernel features. The goal is to help developers and system administrators port applications - with all of their dependenci... Read More
  10. Django Server Comparison: The Development Server, Mod_WSGI, uWSGI, and Gunicorn When it comes to Django Servers there are quite a few choices. It can be difficult to know which setup is right for you. While each setup is different, they each come with their own advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we will attempt to explor... Read More
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