A database is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data.

Disk Space
Disk space refers to the amount of hard disk space you have available to store web pages, photos, videos and other content on your website.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows anybody, often the sender, to digitally sign an email. The DKIM signature is associated with a domain name and can be validated using a public record stored in the DNS (which maps domain names, such as "", to numerical addresses of computers connected to the internet).

DNS stands for Domain Name System. The DNS is the system by which all Internet service addresses are created, maintained, and used

DNS lookup
A DNS Lookup is when a device that supports IP asks a DNS server for the IP address associated with a domain name. The DNS Server must "look up" the IP associated with that domain name.

Domain Alias
Domain Aliases allows you to assign more than one domain name to one web site with Action you can have an unlimited number of domains pointing to a single web site.

Domain Backorder
Domain Backorders is a service that helps you attempt to acquire a domain name when it becomes available for registration.

Domain Controller
Domain controller (DC) is a server that responds to security authentication requests (logging in, checking permissions, etc.) within the Windows Server domain.

Domain Name
A domain name is an Internet Address that will uniquely identify your website. You might have visited websites such as, or These are all examples of Domain names. With a Domain Name, you are allowed to have an e-mail address such as To see if your Virtual Domain is available, and is not used by anybody else, please, visit InterNICs WHOIS database, and type in the domain name of your choice. If there will be no match, you are can register that domain name, otherwise you have to choose another one

Domain Registrar
A company designed to provide domain registrationservice to other companies or individuals that would like to own a particular web address.