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I cannot login to my MS SQL database remotely. What did I do wrong?

If you cannot login to your MS SQL database remotely via SQL Management Studio Express tool, there are few things you need to check:

1. Please make sure you use the correct SQL Server details. Since this is a remote SQL connection, it is recommended that you use the IP Address directly

2. Please make sure you specify the correct SQL Server Port. Just for your information, our SQL port is:
  • SQL 2008: Port 777
  • SQL 2008 R2: Port 778
  • SQL 2012: Port 779
  • SQL 2014: Port 780
You can also find this details on your Control Panel -> Domain -> Database

3. If you have made sure point 1 and point 2 above are met and still, you cannot login, please kindly check whether your local PC or firewall blocks the SQL port. To check, please just TELNET our_server_IP_address port_number. For example: TELNET 777 (to check for SQL 2008 port). If you see an error message, this means that something is blocking port 777 and you need to unblock it. Please contact your local Network Administrator for more information

4. If all points above are met and you still cannot connect, please observe the error message. If you see an error message: "Login failed for user xxxxx", this means that your SQL Server user password is incorrrect OR your SQL user password is shorter than 6 characters OR longer than 14 characters. Please kindly reset the SQL password via our Control Panel.

For the details to connect remotely, please check the article here.
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