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  1. How To Configure Varnish for Drupal with Apache on Debian and Ubuntu Drupal is an open-source content management framework and platform written in PHP. Used for building rich, back-end based solutions for websites of any size and web applications alike, it is massively popular with extremely high statistics of ad... Read More
  2. How To Set Up a Postfix Email Server with Dovecot: Dynamic Maildirs and LMTP PrefaceThis tutorial is based on How To Set Up a Postfix E-Mail Server with Dovecot and picks up where the first part ended. Please go through that tutorial first. In this article, we will divorce mailboxes from system accounts using dovecot&rsquo... Read More
  3. How To Configure and Maintain Ghost from the Command Line How To Control the Ghost ServiceThe Ghost application is implemented on a daemon on our server instance. This means that we can start, stop and restart it easily using Ubuntu's service command. We can control the Ghost service like any other ser... Read More
  4. Sample Code to Send email using ASP.NET1.1 Our mail server is configured with SMTP authentication and all your code need to use SMTP Authentication before you can send email. If your code does not use SMTP authentication, the email will not be sent. private void... Read More
  5. Sample Code to Send email using ASP.NET 2 The following code is developed in C#: *************************************** //import the Mail Interface using System.Net.Mail; protected void sendMail() {      //create the mail message      MailMessage mai... Read More
  6. How do I send an email from my ASP.NET website by using SMTP Authentication? In order to send email from our mail servers, you need to allow SMTP Authentication on your code. If you host your website and your email on our server, there will be NO remote connection made between your site and your mail service on our server. He... Read More
  7. My ISP is blocking SMTP port 25. What should I do? If you find out that your local ISP is blocking port 25, you need to contact them to find out the opened SMTP port. Usually, they open an alternative port 587, but this is something you need to check with them directly. Once you have confirmed it, pl... Read More
  8. I have setup SMTP Authentication on my MS Outlook, but I still cannot send an email Please be advised that MS Outlook is a CLIENT tool, i.e. this tool is installed on the client side. We have no control whatsoever on the settings you set on your Outlook. We can only show you the steps-by-steps to configure your Outlook so that your ... Read More
  9. How do I configure an email account in Outlook Express? Follow the steps below to set up your Outlook Express in order to retrieve emails from our mail server. Replace "" with your actual domain name. 1. From the top menu, click on "Tools," Select "Accounts..." 2. On the right side of... Read More
  10. How do I set up SMTP authentication in Mozilla Thunderbird V.1? Follow the steps below to configure Thunderbird to use SMTP Authentication. 1. From the top menu, click on "Tools," select "Account Settings," this will bring up the "Account Settings" Dialogue box 2. Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" 3. Click "Adva... Read More
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