I receive this error message: "Domain size limit exceeded". What should I do?

If you receive this error message, this is simply because of the fact that you have used all the allocated email space. When you registered for a hosting account, you will be allocated a certain amount of email space and you must make sure that the total cumulative usage of all your email accounts does not exceed the quota.

Once you exceed it, you will not receive any new emails and an error message: "Domain size limit exceeded" will be sent to you.

To rectify this issue, you can either:

1. Purchase an email space addon via our Help Desk System -> Purchase Addon


2. Upgrade to a higher hosting plan via our Help Desk System -> Upgrade Plan


3. You need to delete some of your emails from the email server


4. You can download all the emails you left on our mail server to your local MS Outlook or any other mail client tools.

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