Can you help me to transfer my country-type domain name?

Please be advised that we cannot help you to transfer a country-type domain name. This is primarily because of the fact that each country has its own policy in domain registration and management. For example: if you like to register an Australian domain name (,, etc), Australian government requires you to have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Even though we cannot help you to register a country-type domain name, we can always host your domain name on our server. There are two alternatives that you can do:

1. You can ask your country domain registrar and please ask them to point your domain name to our nameserver. You can find the nameserver information on the activation email that we sent you during the activation of your account. If your country domain registrar employs a tight DNS management, you may find issues when trying to point your domain name to our nameserver. If this does happen, you should attempt the second alternative, which is described below

2. You can simply ask your country domain registrar to create a set of DNS records ("A", "MX", "PTR", "CNAME" dns records, except for "NS" dns record). You can find the value of the DNS records on your Control Panel -> Domain -> DNS Setting. You just have to set exactly the SAME value and entry like what you see on your Control Panel.

3. If the second alternative does not work, you can register with a FREE dns registrar such as 

If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact us back.
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