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What steps do I need to take to get my domain DNS changed?

The following are the steps to transfer your domain name from your current domain registrar to us:

1. Find out who is your domain registrar (A domain registrar is a company / organization that registered your domain name). You can check your domain registrar via the WhoIs search available at http://network-tools.com/
2. Please login to your registrar's control panel. Normally, the registrar will give you a control panel to manage the domain name. If you forget your login details, you need to contact your domain registrar to obtain the credentials.
3. Try to find the option or menu that allows you to change the nameservers. You should be able to find this quite easily.
4. Please change the Primary Nameserver and the Secondary Nameserver details to our nameserver. The details of our nameserver can be found on the activation email (that we sent to you during the activation of your hosting account)

If you have any difficulties in transferring the domain name, please create support ticket from Help Desk system at http://www.asphosthelpdesk.com and we will certainly assist you as soon as possible.

Thank you for viewing this Knowledge Base System. If the article that you are looking for is not available on this Knowledge Base, please kindly contact us by creating a ticket via http://www.asphosthelpdesk.com.
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