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How To Install nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

About nginx

nginx is a high performance web server software. It is a much more flexible and lightweight program than apache.

Set Up

The steps in this tutorial require the user to have root privileges. You can see how to set that up in the Initial Server Setup Tutorial in steps 3 and 4.

Install nginx

To install nginx, open terminal and type in:
sudo apt-get install nginx
When prompted, say yes. nginx is now installed on your virtual private server.

Start nginx

nginx does not start on its own. To get nginx running on your server, type:
sudo service nginx start

RESULTS: Confirm That nginx Has Started

You can confirm that nginx has been installed as your web server by directing your browser to your IP address.

**You can run the following command to reveal your virtual server’s IP address.
ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | awk '{ print $2 }'
When you visit your IP address page in your browser, you will see the words, "Welcome to nginxā€¯

You can see a screenshot of the utilitarian nginx welcome page here

To ensure that nginx will be up after reboots, it’s best to add it to the startup.

Type this command into terminal:
update-rc.d nginx defaults
You may see a message like:
System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/nginx already exist.
If that is the case, then nginx is set up to run on startup, and you are all set.

Congratulations! You have now installed nginx
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